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What is Seoul Stay?

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What is Seoul Stay?

Seoul Stay offers accommodation options where you can stay at home with Seoul citizens as part of their families.
There are two types of facilities : guesthouses for foreign tourists (houses or condominiums) and
Hanok guesthouses (traditional Korean houses), which are designated by each district office.

What is guesthouses for foreign tourists?

Introduced on January 1, 2012, the scheme allows non-Korean tourists to experience life
in an ordinary household in Korea’s urban areas by offering lodging services.

What is Hanok Guesthouses?

Hanok guesthouses refer to an establishment that offers tourists an opportunity to use all things Korean,
eat Korean food, or learn about Korean culture within a hanok building, defined as a structure whose main frame consists
of wood with a traditional tiled roof that reflects Korea's traditional aesthetics.
The establishment must have all the appropriate facilities to offer traditional cultural experience programs.
The scheme was first introduced on October 7, 2009.