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This is Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Author Administrator Date 2015.07.17 Views 2724

This is Seoul Metropolitan Government.


Now, Seoul has reached a stable state at a level where people can enjoy Seoul tour, feeling at rest. For example, Seoulites overcame MERS, and live a normal life, and downtown in Seoul is also regaining vitality.


Keeping pace with this current of the times, Seoul city will do its best so that you are satisfied to the utmost and make a pleasant memory.


First of all, a good shopping environment will be created by holding various shopping events such as 2015 Seoul Summer Sale in July, Korea Grand Sale in August-September, and Seoul Bazaar Festival. And at the same time, abundant cultural experience will be provided through street events in various parts of Seoul such as Seoul Plaza, Gwanghwamun Plaza, and Han River.And especially in early October, Seoul full of things to eat and see will be made through Korean Wave Celebrity Mega Concert, Hi Seoul Festival, and Fireworks Festival.


Korea equipped with the best tourism infrastructure in the world and Seoul, attractive city putting tourists first, is looking forward to see you.


Thank you.



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